It can be frustrating for a guitarist who doesn’t have a few songs to play at any given time. Imagine someone asks you to play something on your guitar and you can’t think of anything to play. That happened to me during my younger days. I was hanging out with some friends and there’s a guitar in the corner . Being known in a family of musician, my friends were expecting to hear me play something. They wanted me to play contemporary songs but funny though I played my favorite local folk song which nobody knew.

Nowadays, song books with guitar chords are available anywhere, the state-of-art icky thump tab is a favorite among guitarist. With this you can have a good list of easy guitar songs to play or sing in your gig bag of tricks, ready to pull out and impress your listeners. Whether   your main playing style is rock, folk or hip-hop , your listeners will be impressed by hearing a well played progression of chords from a song that they recognize. So get your  Song Book Tab!

My older brothers and I have always been musically inclined. My oldest brother plays the electric guitar like a mage with a wand, next to him is my other older brother who plays the bass guitar with string that strum to the soul. And as for me, I am my own diva (or I like to think so) with a mic. The second generation of my family took off with our gift also starting from my own siblings to my brothers. Its not a surprise to learn that a good instrument  plays a vital role in any  performance of my siblings. Thanks to  :   for providing us with statr-of- the arts instruments and gadgets.


Cagayan de Oro City, one of the vibrant city in the  Philippines  will celebrate its annual city fiesta in September 28! The one week activity will culminate with a pryrotechnic festival to be held  at SM City, uptown part of CDO.

Join us as we will be witneasing this amazing display of fireworks! Bring your family and friends! Get ready with your cameras too!