Send for our free catalog. “ this caught my attention while reading a local music magazine . My hubby is planning to assemble a home audio recording studio. There is a vacant room in the house perfect as a music studio. There’s plenty of advice all over the Internet on how to treat the room, so he is busy learning how to make a room acoustically ready. An audio interface maybe expensive but he is looking into second hand kit. I love his idea considering that our musical instrument at home are increasing. We already have a keyboard, two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars and amplifiers at home.  I hope before the year ends,   we can complete all the gears and gadgets needed.

I thought it was just a joke !

Just one of those social media hype that  one could send  his  name to Orion’s test flight to Mars. I was  apprehensive to ask a friend who posted her boarding past on facebook, so I goggled it myself. When I saw that the invitation came from, I realized that  it is really true…LOL!
The deadline for receiving a personal “boarding pass” on Orion’s test flight closes Friday Oct. 31. Want to be  included on future flights. Add your name to the list at


Unless a man choose to grow a full beard and mustache he have to shave everyday . Along with his shaving routine, he probably applies an aftershave as well. This is part of a man’s daily ritual so he needs to make use of the best aftershave to keep his face healthy, handsome, and smelling attractive!

Aftershave is meant to serve a distinct purpose ( It helps to close the pores on the face and keep the dirt out ) . The scent is supposed to be secondary only , however, it has become what people base their purchase on. The myrsol aftershave is one of the famous brand available in the marker is both right for his skin and has a scent that is pleasing to the senses. Their aftershaves ingredients cleanses as well as moisturizes the skin.The best way to find the perfect aftershave is to go into a retail store with tester bottles or samples, and pick out something you like and test it on your skin.

It used to be that Halloween was reserved only for the kids. Wearing costumes  and going house for TREAT or TREAT.   These days , Halloween has become a big adult holiday as well, with Halloween celebrations being held for adults in most major cities aeound the globe. Som
e cities, however, have become must-visit Halloween spots like  New York City, West Hollywood, and Las Vegas.

What are your plans this Halloween?Plan  ahead… discuss the event with your family and friends!