I’ve been to Crown Regency in Cebu City twice but I did not dare to join  my husband and our friends during    their  Skywalk and the Edge Coaster adventure .  I  am afraid of heights!    I had a bad experience   with it   ( I will talk about it on my next post).

We will be going again to Cebu City this month with family and friends.   My son is so excited to try  this once in a lifetime adventure  because the last time we were here he was still 9 years old. Will I take the challenge this time ? I do not know because   even watching this video made me shiver!

Here’s a photo during our  previous trip.


eadge coaster


Certificate will be given after having successfully completed the Edge Coaster and Skywalk

My mom  renewed her passport last month and got it just last week. Now, she’s  excited to go out from the country for a 5-day vacation. For Two days now, I have been searching for cheaper  flights   from all the airlines  flying to her desired destination but all of them  have regular rates for the month of April and May. Our City’s International Airport  is not yet capable to handle international destination due to uncompleted  electrical  and electronic structures , so we have to fly to another city . This makes   the cost to increase. I just hope,  they will offer Mother’s Day promo this second week of May. I hope the travel period would be on the same month. If not, we will just wait for another year to realize her  vacation in South-East Asia.

Our 3-day vacation nearly ended in a wreck. Only  one  shipping company sailed on the day we were scheduled to go home. The others cancelled their trip without further notice on their website. The weather was great so  I  wondered why the sudden cancellation. My curiosity led me in asking the ticketing office sales clerk. She replied that the shipping company scheduled a dry dock ( term used for repair and maintenance).  So, we have no choice but  booked for an economy accommodation because all the decks were already taken .

While I was contemplating with the information given, the sales clerk told me to decide right away if i will purchase the ticket because it was the last two tickets left . What? I was surprise because it is  two days  before the departure date. She explained that a university booked 250 students for  their nautical on-the-job training inside the ship  . So she asked me if  I  will get the ticket or else she will give it to the person waiting next in line. Whew! I don’t have no other option  but to get it or else stay at Cebu City for  another two days .

I blamed myself for the mess. My hubby suggested to book round trip tickets but i really forgot about it and book one way only.Thank god he’s such a very understanding person.Thank God for the right timing. If we were late for a minute, we could not get the tickets.