I have not blogged on this site about my new found career as International Property Investment Endorser . I did it on my personal blog site and it’s a long story for you to read. Blogging is my first love when it comes to online job but my real estate job requires a lot of time in the internet thus blogging is now a bit left behind.

While doing some marketing on a recent  real estate development in our  city. I came across a client who asked me about the difference of a Condominium and a Townhouse. I thought he was just joking because the difference is obvious but for the sake of discussion   I told him that both are considered a type of shared housing. Townhouses are a type or style of construction, where in contrast, a condominium is a type of ownership. Condominiums are commonly associated with multi-story buildings while town-house exist in a collective of conjoined structures. Mostly condos are delivered to buyer in bare completion while in townhouse architectural finish is included . In condo owners are given the choice how to architectural design the interior of the unit while in Townhouses the finishes like painting , flooring , ceiling and corner brackets are already installed.  In the Philippines, foreigners are allowed to own a condo unit while they are  not allowed to own a townhouse.  You might wonder why ? Let us talk about it on my next post.

el nidoNido is a managed resource protected area and a first class municipality in Palawan. The town is 5 to 6 hour drive away from the capital of the province. Tourists who are tired of crowded beaches often take a trip to Palawan and visit El Nido.

Most El Nido packages include island hopping tours to some of the town’s most beautiful islands. One of these is Helicopter Island or Dilumacad Island. The island features a 300-meter white sand beach.
Enjoy a quiet afternoon getting a tan, picnicking and bumming around with your friends.

Other activities you can do on your trip to Palawan are rock climbing and trekking. El Nido is filled with beautiful limestone cliffs. Tourists looking for extreme adventure can go rock climbing or trekking in these cliffs with an experienced tour guide.

Onw has maybe  experienced the enjoyment brought by a disc jockey playing in a certain event. Disk Jockey or Dj  become really popular these days because people by nature love  to hear music. Almost all events when entertained by a DJ will become enjoyable and more memorable.Nothing can  match the happiness of an event brought by the spinning disk jockey whether it its a wedding, birthday , office party or anniversaries.

Next year will be our high school homeocoming and I was elected as chairman of the program committee. A DJ with complete with his gadgets and dj lights stand     would surely make.our dancing session more enjoyable. MOGCHS batch 83 watch out for this.

Whether you are moving around the block or across the country, moving can be a challenging time, full of lists and details. If you are getting ready to move, the single most important thing you can do to make your move successful is to get prepared. By taking the time to get your ducks in a row as soon as you make the decision to move, you will make the process go much more smoothly and your stress level will be greatly reduced. When it comes to moving demenagement Gatineau residents need to be prepared as far in advance as possible.

There is a long list of things to do to prepare for your move. In fact, the moving itself is the easy part. It’s the preparation stage that requires the work. You’ll have to transfer all of your information with your utilities, credit cards, etc; gather packing supplies, set up your phone and internet in your new home, and more. Here’s a detailed list to keep you on track with your preparation.

Transferring your details

The further in advance you can transfer things like your utilities, mail, phone, etc., to your new address, the better. You can set up a date in the future for the actual transfer. You can fill out a change-of-address form online, too, which makes that step much more convenient.

Gather supplies

If you are going to move, you are going to need supplies. You can either ask friends and family for boxes or you can buy them. You’ll also need tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap and newspaper. As soon as you know that you are moving, start gathering these materials. If you are going to require large boxes, your best bet for sources is a furniture store. They will often give them to you for free. Note that if you opt for free boxes, you run the risk of them being in less-than-stellar condition. For the best quality, purchase boxes from a company that specializes in moving.

These boxes will be sturdy and brand-new, offering the best protection for your belongings. And always invest in good packing tape. Although it may seem like a wise choice to take the cheaper route by buying your tape at the dollar store, you’ll be thankful you spent a few extra dollars on better-quality tape. It will hold your boxes together more sturdily, which will help protect your belongings.

A hand cart is another handy thing to have for a move. It will help you immensely when it comes time to move boxes from the house to your moving truck, etc. Buy or borrow one as early as you can.

Measure everything

Your furniture and belongings fit beautifully in your current home, right? That doesn’t mean they will fit in your new home. If you are unsure whether your new home can accommodate the things you currently own, make time to go and measure the rooms in your new home. And don’t forget to measure the doorways and stairwells, too!   Your leather sectional may fit perfectly in your new basement, but if the stairwell is too narrow to accommodate it you could be in for some trouble. If you find that your new home can’t accommodate all of your current furniture, now is a great to sell, donate or pass on anything you don’t need. Don’t spend time, energy and money moving things you don’t need!