It’s not because we don’t like it that’s why we sold it. Our ride, a red Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo was barely a year with us but we decided to let go of it for many reason. First, we will gain a considerable amount by selling it  . Second , we wanted to upgrade to a higher model . Third,  we  want to experience a smoother ride .

The crosswind is ruggedly handsome while the Innova is classic inside out.  Which do you prefer ?


Red Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo


Toyota Innova E

Anyway, this is the 3rd time that my hubby profited by selling our vehicles, so we decided to make it a source of income. Don’t you know that a day after he posted our SUV in a used car selling portal, there were already lots of interested buyer calling him. Given a year or two, I am sure he will gain a reputation in the “buy and see” business. I told him to try marketing heavy equipment and aftermarket truck parts too. I know a person who became a millionaire with this kind of business. Who knows? We might be on the

free ceb

It’s travel time again!

Cebu Pacific Airlines is celebrating the country’s 116th Indepedence Day with P1.16 Seat Sale. I have just booked 8 flights for Singapore and Kualalumpur  yesterday . Thanks Cebu Pacific for the early tweet, I was able to jumped off my couch and  grabbed these tickets for my friends who will be attending an out of the country “global summit”.

Hurry!  PM on facebook or comment here if you wish to book tickets too!

I never though such an amazing show like this exist in Macau until I came across a blog site which embedded this video on her site. I thought the country is good for Casino and hotel hopping only. Wow! I can not wait to see this show at City of Dreams on our travel this July. This is the contemporary of Singapore’s Song’s of the Sea.

For the past weeks, I have been busy looking for a cheaper accommodation for our Hongkong and Macau trip. I realized that place to stay in the countries come in all types of quality, shapes and prices. I found lots of cheap guest house and hostels but the rooms are too small. Imagine you can touch both walls of a single standard room. There are of course five star luxury hotels with Best selection of pull out shelves , first class bedding , state-of-the art interior decoration but only the wealthy can afford. Generally , the accommodations are smaller than you would expect in other parts of the world ( except for Japan which is considered the most expensive city to live ) .

Thanks to trip advisory, I was able to find a hostel which ranked no. 1 for 2013. The price is affordable, the location is at Tsim Sha Tsui and the room is bigger than the usual sizes in hongkong.