Jigsaw puzzles and word games for free

Having owned an Internet Café before has given me the opportunity and knowledge in computer systems – the software, hardware as well as the internet. In the house we have a desktop and two laptops. While I use one of them, the remaining two serves as a mini gaming network for my children and their friends. I taught my kids how to use computers and browse the Internet. Of course, I set up some firewall and appropriate controls. These protect my kids from pornographic and other sites that are not morally upright. We preferred that they will stay at home with their friends rather than hanging out in some other places. Their friends too love frequenting our house playing their favorite skill games since meals and snacks are free!

Talking about online games, my hubby stumbled upon a site that offers free online skill games. You can make your own account, play with your friends and submit your high scores. It offers hundreds of games – choose from action, adventure, board games, driving, sports, strategy, educational and other customized games. The whole family enjoyed playing jigsaw puzzles and word games last night.

Why spend a lot of money competing in other online games when you can have it for free? Click here to try this site.

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