Government Warning: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. You can always see this in every cigarette ad here in our place. But why is it people are continuing to ignore it? Is the word dangerous nowadays safe to the many smokers or simply because, smoking is addictive. It’s a hard habit to break according to a popular song. Government agencies, NGO’s, private organizations, T.V. and Radio stations, hospitals, and schools unite and rally against smoking. You can see billboards in public places warning people with pictures of the different forms of cancer a man can get from smoking cigarette. But still ignorance prevails. Millions chose to ignore the warning, ignore real life stories of cancer victims due to smoking.

Rallying themes like “Yosi Kadiri” with matching mascots visit schools all over the island with doctors, nurses and health workers encouraging students to say “No” to smoking. Our government has already drafted a resolution to increase cigarette tax up to 156% to discourage young people to smoke. But to all of you out there who really, really want kick that bad habit out from your system; I have one “good news” for you. Have you heard of the latest Cigarrest Reviews ? If not, well, don’t waste your time in looking for this sure way to put to rest your cigarette addiction and live a smoke-free, healthy lifestyle. It’s not yet too late. Kick that habit out from you and enjoy more years with your love ones.

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    I never smoke in my whole career and also passing this message to all my friends and colleagues.Because smoking is injurious to health.

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    Tobacco is very harmful for our body.I always avoid it.I think everyone keep away from it.

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