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Indeed time flies so quickly. It seem that we have celebrated our church 25th Silver Anniversary Grand Celebration. Various highlights on the one week event were seminars, medical mission , motorcade , sports fest and the Grand Sunday Celebration. It was a joy being with the brethren from different parts of the country and around the world. Adults, youth and the children enjoyed so much each program and activities

Now, we are busy again preparing for our 26th year Anniversary which is set on September 8. Again it will be a one week celebration in recognition of the greatness and faithfulness of God in our victorious journey as a church . Being the office administrator I am spearheading the documentation works . I need to look for design and customization resource for our souvenir magazine , giveaways and other promotional items. We decided also to have booth display showcasing the ministries , products and activities of each churches . . A friend recommended me Monster Display which specializes in the manufacture and production of trade show displays, large format graphics, and display accessories. He expressed that the company stayed on top of industry news and trends in providing the most latest products available at prices so affordable . I visited their site at and enjoyed browsing through their product gallery and was attracted immediately with their table tops, pop-ups and Truss Displays. Actually, I am tempted to get inside their chat room and talk to one of their trusted staff but was kind of shy to do it right-away. I have to set a meeting with the event committee first and decide what to get before asking for their live help.

Whew! How I wish we could use some of these tools for our incoming church anniversary and thanksgiving celebration. It would add to the glamor and festivity!

(Some of our Souvenir Items and giveaways)

( Samples from  Monster Displays)

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Flyers are effective tool to market your business

Advertisement is a must in running a business . Marketing and reaching the public to let them know about your products and services is very important for any kind of business . Flyers or leaflets are known to be one of the oldest and easiest way to reach the masses. For small businesses with a local market, flyers are the most effective way to reach customers at a personal level. All you need to have is a good flyer printing firm to make eye-catching and informative flyers .When my brother recently opened his pharmacy and clinic in our place , the flyers did a good job. The opening day free consultation promo was extended to three days since the flyers reached as far as the neighboring areas . It was a success and my brother thanked me designing the flyers.

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Don’t Be Tricked!

Have you been tricked by advertisements that claim you will lose 15 pounds in one week for using their weight loss supplement? I must admit, I once was victimized with a famous H-shake which led me to wasted time, money and efforts. A friend introduce the networking company to me . The product orientation was very enticing that I signed-up for membership right after the seminar. I wasted considerable amount of money by purchasing their kit.

This time I want to try lipo 6 hers… it is a popular female fat burner that uses a unique multiple release phases, both fast and extended. The appetite-suppressing, fat-burning and energy-promoting ingredients made it to the top list of weight loss Pill. I hope this one works for me.

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