Camping in Bukidnon

We are a family who loves to travel. It is our way to get -away from our daily routine at work, school and work. This 2011 we have listed down our desired travel destinations to the Water Sports Capital of the Philippines ( Naga, Camarines Sur), Water Adventure at Subic Bay and the beaches of Boracay. We wanted to try camping also in Bukidnon like the Holiday Parks in Dorset. How about you? What’s your travel destination tis 2011?
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Singapore to Dahilayan Adventure Resort

I posted on my other site yesterday my disappointment from not being able to book for our Singapore Trip. The airfare promo was 70% off from it’s regular fare but because I was waiting for my sister-in-law’s confirmation if they will go with us, all the available seats were already taken when I opened the net to book online.

My kids were dis-heartened. How they longed to spend their vacation in Singapore and visit the Universal Studios! Well, we just did our best to comfort them by offering another vacation escapade. Instead, we would visit an adventure place where families could enjoy indoor and outdoor activities all in one place. That is Dahilayan Adventure Resort in Bukidnon. It’s fast becoming popular here in our place for its adventure packed family activities such as Zip line, ATV tours, outdoor camping…etc. I’m just imagining me and my hubby sitting on outdoor chairs gazing the sky, counting the stars, and just enjoying the night with the kids.

This would be our first outdoor adventure with them and we look forward to doing it. Singapore will come when opportunity knocks again.

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Ready for our Camp

Our Family camp is fast approaching! Everybody is getting ready for this annual event where in as a Church we can bond together. I’m supposed to travel with the Camp staff to be on the site today and finalize the contract for the venue but we will be going to Bohol and Cebu for a business trip. Last Sunday, we presented a teaser video to motivate more campers and Praise God, after the worship 80% of the church members registered already for the camp.

Being the head of the Secretariat, I am super busy preparing for the program and other documentation works. I pray that God will always grant me with the strength and time to finish all the works before the actual camp day. Our kids are already counting the days… they reminded me last night that we have barely two weeks before the big event. I am planning to buy my kids stephen joseph backpacks .. there old school personalized backpacks were worn-out already. I need a nap mat and a bigger tent to accommodate my nephews and nieces who are going with us. Oooopppsss, I forgot, I have pledged to sponsor the registration of four young people of our church so they can attend the Camp. I guess I have to re-align my purchases with my budget .

Help me to pray for a successful and enjoyable family camp this coming April 1-3. That the weather will be fine and suitable for all our various outdoor sports and activities. Most of all, please pray for our night of revival that people will just be refreshed and that at the end of the day, each one of us will go home victorious, joyful, and giving God all the glory and honor! If you are with-in the City, you are very much welcome to join this camp, just leave me a comment.

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