Starched White Dress To Trendy Scrubs

I attended our 6th grade school batch reunion last Saturday and I had a great time reconnecting with batch-mates and old friends. I talked to one my classmates who is now a nurse in one of the biggest hospital in London. I learned a lot about her duties and the nursing profession she chose. Don’t you know that in the 1800’s nursing was a casual profession left to the monks, nuns, and women with low morals? It did not became a respected profession until the emergence of the Military Nursing during the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale’s historical contributions to the field of nursing eventually led to the creation of the Nightingale Training School for Nurses.

Our discussion last Saturday led me to search more about the history of nursing uniforms. As far as I can remember , nurses in the late 70’s wear the famous below-the-knee dresses with a starched apron , shoulder straps, and a frilly cap that was kept in place . The starched white garments were pushed aside in favor of the more comfortable and functional scrubs in the 80’s. Today, nursing uniforms become more trendy and chic as technology improved in the area of textiles.

I searched for the latest scrubs online and was redirected to Blue Sky scrubs. They supply quality but affordable men and women scrubs , medical coats, jackets and accessories. Want to see more of their stuff? Visit them now!

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Be trendy with Blue Sky Scrubs

I have lot of friends , church mates and relatives who are in the medical field here and abroad so I thought of making a post about scrub uniforms . A friend’s daughter started her hospital duty last week and was very excited to finally wear her nursing scrubs which were parked one year already after graduation.

Taking care of sick people is very stressful to both the mind and body .I know because I have a brother who is a physician. So to all the doctors, nurses, dentists , care givers and medical students out there, why not treat yourself with medical apparels from Be fashionable and chic with their designer medical uniforms . Blue Sky is a premier online retailer of high quality designer women scrubs , medical coats, surgical scrub hats and accessories. Blue Sky is always adding new colors to their scrub sets. Five years ago, the scrubs were only offered in Ceil blue, but are now available in over fifteen different solid colors ( see photo below).

So what are you waiting for? Visit their site and create an account. What more? Their line of medical uniforms can be shipped anywhere in the world! Avail of their free shipping for orders above @ $155. Order Now!

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